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What would be a fair request for pain and suffering?

by Teresa

What would be a fair request for pain and suffering? I was rear ended and had some treatment for my back. It took 9 weeks to have my car fix. Can I ask anything for the time I didn't have a car?


You do have a claim to pain and suffering for the pain you injury caused. You do have to show your injury (treatment for you back will do). The settlement amount will be contingent on how long you treated for (one month, two months, three months, or only a week), and what kind of treatment we are talking about (chiropractor v. orthopedic specialist).

You can ask for the cost of a rental car for the days that your car was being fixed and was on the shop. If the car was not fixed, then you can estimate a fair time that the vehicle would be at a bodyshop and that is what you would be entitled to.

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