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When is it best to file a claim

by Bob
(Haines City Florida)

My aunt has been in a serious accident-has had surgery to repair the facture and the surgery needs to be redone- since the accident was in her own car and her neighbor was driving and ticketed-single car accident-

She is currently between the 1st and 2nd surgery- Should a claim be filed before any bills are available?

Should the claim be with the drivers auto policy or with her own or both policies for the medical bills-or should she just let her HMO take on any bills through her own medical policy?

Last but not least- Should she hire an attorney to proceed with this very expensive medical care at this point and let him/her negociate with the car and medical insurance for my aunt any help would be appreciated


Hello Bob,

Your aunt needs an attorney, and fast. Florida is a no fault state, and this could bring you a lot of problems getting coverage for her medical bills alone. Since the neighbor was driving, she would have a cause of action against the neighbor (the at fault party), but Florida might shield him. This might only leave her with PIP or Medical payments to cover (sometimes less than $5,000).

Contact a lawyer on your local area to see how to proceed and ensure coverage.

To find an attorney in your city, please see:

Good Luck,

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