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When person at fault insurance runs out

My daughter was involved in a motor vehicle accident where she was a front passenger. a vehicle hit her side and we just recently found out that the vehicle was a write off.

We meet with the other insurance co. and settled for an amount as well as a deadline for treatment.

At the time we did not realize the extent of damage and the deadline is 60 days (feb. 14).

Is there anything else i can do so that the treatments she is getting (dr's and physio)will continue without coming out of pocket. Can i go after the other insurance co. to pay for the rest. thx


Hello ,

Well, what do you mean by the deadline is 60 days? There should be PIP coverage and Liability coverage for her. If the coverage is not exhausted, then there maybe coverage in your own auto policy (if she lives with you), if not, her own policy may have coverage.

I hope this helps,

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