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When Police report is STILL incorrect... AND Geico wants to play dirty

by missy

On Friday July 24th 2009,(about 9:45pm)I was cut off by a driver frantically trying to exit freeway when all four lanes were at complete stop for lane(s) closure.

I was breaking b/c the car in front of me was stopped when she darted into my lane slamming on her brakes, im now stirring to shoulder to avoid her when she swerves into shoulder and stops half angled in shoulder (with rear end still sticking out in freeway)to keep from slamming into the stopped car in front of her. we were in the far right lane, cars stopped to the left of me..

I bumped the right side of bumper of her SUV slightly pushing my front end up and to the left. front bumper cracked, and no visible damage to her bumper.the police were called,.

Turns out we were to clear freeway, one officer told lady where to go but not me or the other officer. mind you , i "thought" I had 2 warrants, and earlier that same day I was notified that my insurance had just lapsed, so when I was told i could by officer I was free to go, since lady that cut me off, took off...i left.

I found out 3 weeks later a report was made,now scared of a hit and run against me but no report could be found. finally getting a hold of officer, she got my statement, since I gave info no tickets were issued.Aug 19th, is when the report was available, and found out she didn't change what originally was the one sided story of what she said happened. that she was driving in lane when I slammed into her. failure to control speed.

3 days later I received a letter from geico (dating Aug 16) stating due to their "investigation" I was at fault, and page asking for all my info and how I was going to pay. it had no description of damage or what it was i was to pay. I received a duplicate letter(dated Aug 21) a week later. this time I called geico and made a claim against her was informed to send my info(estimate, pictures, text messages,etc) to address (po box in Dallas) stated on letter and they will get back to me.

Still trying to get a hold of officer to make changes on report and other personal matters, i didn't realize it had been about a month since i sent in my papers. i called and agent that was first assigned, was no longer,so transferred to another guy that contradicted himself 20 times. said that they paid her 1800, case closed,and i couldn't claim against her anyway, but if i insisted to resend info, to send to a po box address in San deigo, b/c address in Dallas was no longer correct.(yeah right).

Sept 22 is when i finally got the officer and a Sergent in same room at station to state my side and evidence supporting how the accident really happened. officer said she would have report done and mailed to me by that following Monday(29th) fwi-still have not received it.
well, on the 26th I received a letter from D.W Story &associates( looked like attorney/debit collector) stating i owe geico nearly $2500, and still not a clue what the heck for!

So, now its Oct 12th and I was able to pull up the corrected police report.submitted Oct 9th. Now there are a few small mistakes which i fear will make a big mistake if left as is. Small things like my address incomplete, wrong phone #, has the make of vehicle right, but not model. I don't think Toyota makes the civic, do you?

Last but not least, the diagram shows the stopped car in front of lady that cut me off,the stopped cars to the left of me, but still shows lady as straight in front of me, instead of how she was angled into the shoulder half sticking out, and plenty of room to have moved up! however the officer has an arrow pointing to impact area with a note stating POZ. or that's what it looks like.

Diagram is to small its hard to tell what she is pointing at at, and i can just hear geico stating "it shows you hit her dead on". yeah well police report also states no damage to the lady's car...but that doesn't count according to them.

I'm starting to get discouraged. what would you suggest i do next? leave or change report again? if so how? what about my claim with geico? should i make another claim? send the new report and pic(didn't ask for pic, just report) to DWstory? was Geico using DW story as way to get info and statement from me in around about way? hire a lawyer, i don't have money for?

I need some direction. Please



Hello Missy,

What a mess!

Well, you have some problems with this corrected report. The wrong numbers, wrong vehicle model, etc… are not a huge issue. The big issue will be your point of impact in the report.

I'm willing to bet that you will be held liable for "rear ending" someone. If the report shows that the position of the cars suggest that this is the case, then you will probably have to defeat the police report. You cannot make a second claim for the same accident so you are kind of stuck there.

You really need to get at least get the point of impact corrected. You photographs will help you too, but again, you will have to provide them to the insurance company.

To learn more about fault, please see:

I really hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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