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When to settle a claim with an insurance claim

by Amanda

I was involved in an accident that totaled my brand new car. I was completely stopped at a light when another driver hit me. It is almost 6 months later and I was just offered the first offer to settle. I feel it is low considering the pain and inconvenience of the pain (such as missing work, finals in college).

I was wondering based on this information what is a reasonable settlement?

(The company I am dealing with is State Farm)

Thank you so much for your time,



Hello Amanda,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. Are we talking about settlement of a total loss or settlement for pain and suffering?

You are entitled to pain and suffering and other general damages if you can show your damages. Usually this means that you must produce some kind of medical evidence of your injury.

It is very difficult to say how much would be a reasonable amount for your injury without all medical records and information. Please see our pages on personal injury here:

Good Luck,

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