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When to Submit a Claim?

I called the insurance company and the bill they have is $340 for a little bump on the bumper that I don't know how it happened or when.

I called the Damage Recovery Unit and they did not have any information for me. My deductable is $500 so I would rather pay it out of pocket then report it to my insurance company (AllState)

My question is, how long can I wait until I report it? I understand that my insurance company could void any coverage if I do not report it in a timely manner.

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Hello Kevin,

You do have a duty to report claims, please see:

However, this duty usually states "a reasonable time." Most of the time, this can mean many different things (30 days or 6 months). It depends. If you have a "reasonable" explanation of why you waited to report, then the carrier will allow coverage. The problem is that "they" decide if this is a reasonable reason to wait, so you are on their hands.

Also, if the damage is below the deductible, there would not be "coverage" per se (the insurance company will not pay anything). Therefore, making a claim under the deductible amount it's rather silly (as the insurance company will report it to underwriting and "adjust" your rates in the near future.

Good Luck,
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