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Who at fault for this accidet?

by Richard

My car was not insured at time of crash my brother in-law was driving the vehicle and ran off the road.

He had no way to move the vehicle so he walked to a friends house to call me when he left the vehicle from the middle of the front tire to the front of the car was in the road and when he wrecked the car he dislodged the battery so he couldn't turn on his flashers.

So by the time we had cam back to the car some girl had hit my car and she filing a claim against me and I want to know who's at fault.


Hello Richard,

Well, sounds like your brother in law may be liable for this, but there is not enough information here.

Was it dark? Is it a straight road? Why did he "call" instead of leaving a vehicle on the middle of the road. Why didn’t he put some other kind of warning on the road indicating a disable vehicle ahead?

There is too many variables. For more about fault, please see:

Good Luck,

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