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Who do I contact | Drunk hit my my house

by Terri

A drunk came around the corner and hit the next door neighbors trailer, that was parked on the street, so hard that it came up into my front yard and crashed into the corner of my house. The siding is broken,and the drywall inside the house has been pushed in and cracked up the wall.

Who do i call? My insurance agent? the insurance of the guy who was driving? My neighbors insurance?


Hi Terri,

Call everyone. Everyone one... You need your insurance company involved (your home policy). Auto policies (assuming the drunk had insurance and he (she) had coverage) will pay you actual cash value, meaning they will pay you what they think the repair will cost. They will depreciate your materials.

They will argue that your "wood, sheet rock, metal, windows, etc" are not new, therefore they will depreciate their value (I know, this is ridiculous, this is the most unfair thing ever).

You want to get your homeowners insurance so you get compensated at replacement cost (the actual cost to fix). Your insurance will take it against the car insurance policy to get compensated.

It is best to put everyone on notice so they can all investigate and speed up the process.

I am very sorry to hear this.

Good Luck,

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