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Who gets paid first when a claim is submitted?

by Richard
(Skiatook, OK)

I had a single vehicle accident that resulted in a broken leg and surgery. I have submitted all my co-pays and deductibles to the auto insurance claim's adjustor.

I was told that my health insurance provider submitted a claim also and that my auto insurance adjuster paid them.

I only had $5,000 medical coverage, therefore it all went to the health insurance provider. Since I pay premiums on both insurances, should my out of pocket medical expenses be paid before the health insurance provider is paid.


Hello Richard,

Your health insurance provider has "subrogation" of rights against the auto insurance. They have a right to be paid first. You pay premium for medical coverage, and you got medical coverage. The reasoning is that you should not be double paid thereby making a profit.

Please see:

Good Luck,
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