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Who is at fault for this car accident?

I was driving Foster City Blvd. (Two lane road in both side) when I reach Foster City blvd. cor Marlin Ave. I stopped (full) because it was a four way traffic so I waited for my turn (all four corners were full of cars). I was at the extreme left since I am going straight.

When it's time for me to go I move forward but before I cross the street my left rear bumper was hit by a Honda car and the part of her car that hit my car is on the right front bumper. I did not really know how it happened since I was in front of her.

She doesn't want to give me her information that's why when I saw a police coming I try to stop them and they took over the investigation.

After two weeks i learned that the police report said it was my fault. Is it really my fault

Isn't it that my full responsibility is my front and sides?



We hope you are okay and there are no injuries in this accident.

Your responsibility is for the full vehicle (even rear bumper). You have a duty to look out and pay attention even if they behind your point of view. We know this is controversial, but simply because you have passed them, it does not eliminate negligence on your part. What is particularly against you is that you did not see them at all until impact. Again, you have a duty to look out and take avoidance action.

This does not mean that the other vehicle is not at fault. Your point of impact does help your case, although the other party will try to argue (their insurance company anyway) that you accelerated and that is why the impact was to the rear. It will likely be a disputed scenario.

What to do now? With a police report against you, the best course of action is to contact your own insurance company have them do an investigation. They should be able to help you get to a better decision.

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Jan 14, 2012
who is at fault?
by: Anonymous

My son was driving on 46w and another car was entering Rt 46w coming off of Rt 3 w and merging onto Rt 46. The other party left the scene of the accident and then was caught down the road. The police report is so vague it only states the two versions of the accident, and of course the car that was entering Rt 46 and hit my sons car is claiming that he hit her. My son had a passenger in his car and they verify that the other car hit my sin. The police report also does not state the other car left the scene of the accident. I was told that the codes on a police report can help in determining fault, if this is true how can I find out what the codes mean?

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