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Who is at fault for this left turn?

by Josh
(Menifee, CA)

I was in a car accident. I was making a left turn at an intersection when another vehicle passed me on the left from behind. The roadway was marked with a solid yellow line. We crashed and the other driver fled the scene.

I got his license plate number and found the driver three days later. We had the police go and talk to him. He admitted he was the driver and gave them a bogus story.

My insurance wants to total my car and his insurance says its my fault based on his story.

Should our insurance companies do an investigation?

Who is at fault?


Hello Josh,

Yes, you must call your insurance company and see if they will do a better investigation. They will have to believe your story (just like they have to believe his). Both of your stories will go to a neutral third party arbitrator (), to make a final decision.

Who is at fault, well, fault is not necessarily a 100% or 0% statement. You could be liable here, at least partially. Most states require that a vehicle making a left turn ensure no car is passing them on the left. This can put some negligence on you. However, if there is a solid yellow, then maybe you will have even less of a duty.

At any rate, an investigation must be done.
See more about fault here.

Good Luck,
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