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Who is at fault? me or mother nature?

by Danielle
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I was involve one of several accidents on Sunday morning December 13 2009 on parkway 376 and 279 in Pittsburgh Pa.

The accidents were a result of black ice. It was very cold and it just started raining and I am assuming that how the roads became very icy. As we were driving we noticed several crashes so we maintained a very slow speed and we were in a accident on a ramp. This lady was park on the right shoulder with her 4 way flashers on and I started to slide and slid into her hitting the back side of her.

I know that because I rear ended into her it is my fault BUT isn't it mother nature fault? When we go to the insurance company will I be held liable or will it be mother nature fault?

Will I still have my 500$ deductible to pay or not.



Hello Danielle,

Well, Mother Nature is a celebrity. Just like tiger. They are absolve of any fault and/or liability.

Most state traffic codes require that you be extra care during bad weather conditions. If you cause an accident, then you are liable for it. This includes failure to stop in icy roads. It’s not fair but it's the way that it is.

Yes, you will be require to pay whatever your collision deductible is.

Good Luck,

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