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Who is at fault? | This situation let me wonderng?

I was in a parking spot, looked backwards, put my car in reverse and started to back out.

Behind me in another parking spot was another car doing the same thing and we both hit on bumpers.

Damage to my vehicle was a scratch on the passenger side bumper. Damage to the other vehicle was damage on the drivers side bumper. I say we're both contributed to the accident so no payment should come from my insurance company.



Well, remember that fault and damages are separate concepts of law. Both elements will contribute to a determination on how to pay for your damages.

Liability or fault is explained in detail here, please see:

Both drivers have duties when backing and if both drivers collide while doing the "same thing", chances are that both drivers are at fault, probably 50% split.

A determination like this one will be critical for you, depending on what state the accident happened in. In Montana, 50% split bars complete recovery from either party. In Washington, 50% split entitled each party to recover 50% of their own damages.

Contact the Department of Insurance of your State and they can tell you what spit of liability will bar recovery.

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