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Who pays for my car?

by Alex
(Okinawa, Japan)

I am currently deployed overseas.

My financed car is or was parked in my sister garage. Her house burn down and along with my car.

She told me that my car insurance co will sue her house insurance co, to replace my car. How does this process work? Who pays for my car in which it's valued at $18,000 but i still owe $10, 000.


Hello Alex,

Well, your car is a total loss (depending on how bad it was burn). We have outlined the process here.

Please see:

Usually, homeowners insurance exclude vehicles, even if they are parked in the garage (they want you to have car insurance).

The insurance company of the car should provide coverage if there is coverage for comprehensive losses (fire, theft, flood, hail, etc).

The car insurance could see if there are other insurance companies that would pay for their damage.

Consult with an attorney (in the city the accident happened at).

Good Luck,
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