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Whose at fault when a vehicle hits a opening door?

by Nat

I was pulling into a parking spot and the passenger door to the vehicle I was parking next to opened they're door causing me to hit them.

Yeah I hit them but they should check. Whose at fault?


Hello Nat,

Well, this is a very hard question (given the information provided). There is simply not enough information here.

Usually both parties share responsibility on something like this. The person opening the door must check before doing so, and thus, this could put them more at fault that you. However, you should also check that there aren't' any persons getting of the vehicle.

Again, it's unclear from your question if you were already parked? Or about to stop or where you were in the process? If they door was clearly opened or completely opened, and you hit it, then you may be more at fault than the other party.

If however you were completely located inside the parking stall and then the door opened, then fault should be on their side.

I hope this helps,

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Good Luck,
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