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Why am I not aware of the SIU team on my claim?

My car was previously stolen while it was running and with everything in it. It was stolen from a not so safe area. The company had spoken to everyone who was with me and saw the car that night.

I've gladly given bank account information and credit card information. I've given them everything I could. Well apparently they are harassing the company where I bought the car from for receipts of the rebuild (since it was a salvage title), all the information on how I bought the car etc. Etc.

Well I didn't even know that they had a SIU person on the claim until the shop called me complaining. It's been over three weeks since the claim began and over two weeks for my rental. My adjuster just tells me everything is fine and that they are waiting on paperwork from the people I bought the car from.

My adjuster never answers his phone and I have called his supervisor to complain and have gotten no response. The car is a high end cat and I understand the extra measures taken but ive shown that I have adequate amounts of money and so forth. I'm just beginning to be concerned and confused.

They have only asked me questions in regards to the incident, parties involved, where I live, and what I do. They've been directing all their questions and concerns to the dealer I bought the car from. I just need some direction.




Well, theft claims are usually investigated closer than other type of claims. There is a lot of potential for fraud there. We are not aware of any requirement that requires the insurance company to tell you that SIU is involved or they are looking at anything special. SIU is the "fraud" unit, however, SIU investigators are adjusters. There is nothing special about them. They are no different than other adjusters.

If you are not happy, or you think this is too high pressure, please talk to a lawyer. Also, talk to the department of insurance. Depending on how long ago you made the claim, they could get involved (usually 30 days).

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