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Why does my personal medical insurance take back bill payments.

by Thomas

I was in an automobile accident in April. the offending party only had liability insurance. I am with united healthcare, my insurance is with the Hartford, the same as the person that owned the vehicle that hit me. The person driving the vehicle had permission to use the car. I was riding in the car with my wife whose car is insured with Statefarm.

After was informed that there is only liability coverage on the other vehicle,i asked both insurances if could file on any of the pip clauses of my insurance with the hartford, and with state farm through my wife.

My problem is that for every bill that unitedhealthcare pays that involves any care or treatment, due to this accident thy demand the payment back if one of the insurance carriers send a check to me personally to pay the bill. To help me understand why is being done this way can this be explained and what might be the remedy to my dilemma.


Hello Thomas,

Insurance companies need to put you back in the position you were prior the accident. You are not supposed to profit from your medical treatment. If an insurance companies pay a bill, you should not be paid again for the same expense again or you will be getting paid twice (thus turning a profit).

Health insurance companies have subrogation clauses, please see here:

That is why. I am not sure what you mean as solution to your dilemma. You have coverage and they paid for it, but have a right to ask for payments back.

Good Luck,
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