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Why is allstate taking so long to handle my claim?

by Carrdan
(Tulsa, OK U.S.A.)

A young drunk driver 17 yrs old hit my parked car after a long night of drinking and xanex bars. He wanted to pay cash out of pocket the next day but I told him i don’t know how much it will be so i felt comfortable enough to go thru his insurance company allstate. after getting my taped statement he is denying even hitting my car.

Away i remind you I spoke with this guy the night before the accident as he is my next door neighbor in my apartments. I told allstate about this and they can’t even figure it out since he told them otherwise.

I should have gotten a police report for hit and run because he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. may I remind you every time I see this guys truck (silverado 1500) he has more and more damage. This guy is irresponsible and even went to jail for public intox.

He is denying ever hitting my car but he was text messaging me saying he wanted to pay cash for it. estimate of damage for my car is 830 dollars. i don’t have insurance or else they would fight for me but it doesn’t matter since he hit a PARKED car and he was totalled drunk and disorderly. Its been a month and a week and its taking wayyyyy too long for them to accept liability.

Since all they have to do is match up the pictures and give me a call back but they never call me back. i cant afford to get pulled over for no headlight until i get this fixed. next time I will file a police report so i can get this cleared up right away. thank you


Hello Carrdan,

Well, lesson learned (called the police – always). Since you do not have insurance and Allstate is likely to deny your claim, you are probably going to have to take this to small claims court.

This might be the only way you can get coverage. See our notes on small claims court here:

Allstate is doing it’s job by “believing” their client as they have to do that by their own policy terms. This is one of those situations where having insurance would really help.

Good Luck,

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