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Why put someone on your policy

by Rachael

I have a new car w/ full coverage, if I let my mom borrow my car and she gets into an accident is it covered?

If it is and she will be borrowing my car 2 or 3 times a month, why would I put her on my policy?


Hello Rachael,

Well, it depends. Is your mother a member of the household? (she lives with you?).

If she is, then it is likely that she would be covered. If she does not live with you, and she only borrows the car rarely (or a lot), this could bring problems.

Most auto policies have an exclusion for "available for regular use." If you loan your car to someone and that vehicle is made "available" for regular use. The claim can be denied. 2 or 3 per months could be "regular use." It depends on your local state law.

I hope this helps

Good Luck,

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