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Wife backed into my truck | Are we covered?

by Mike

My wife backed into my truck.her car is fully covered with her policy however the car is legally truck is a salvage vehicle with minimum legal says we are not covered.

this happen in our driveway.also we are currently going through a divorce and our finces are legally separated


Boy Mike,

There is a strong possibility that you guys are not covered, simply because of the divorce. Is the divorce final? This can make a difference because in order to have coverage, she has to have an insurable interest on the car (owe some interest on it). If the divorce is final and this is your car, she has no interest at all on it. The insurance company can look on the other direction.

Now, your wife is a name insured and is paying insurance on the vehicle. On that theory you can get them to pay because you can sue your wife (ex-wife) for the damages. Sounds to me like you need a lawyer. They can get the matter covered.

There is simply not enough data here to really be able to steer you on any direction. You need to be able to read the policy.

Good Luck,

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