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Wife hits boss in the parking lot!

by Steve

My wife drove into her office parking lot and slid on black ice and hit her boss's (the owner of the business and property) car. Several employees state that they slid on this black ice too. Her boss is very angry, which got me upset. He arrived earlier so he had to know about the slick conditions, yet did not salt the lot. So... are we responsible for the damage to his car or the other way around? Should I tell the insurance company and let them pursue him on this point?


Hi Steve,

Speak of a bad day! Hitting your boss in the parking lot.

Well, you could make that claim. He/she should have do something to avoid the situation. However, most insurance companies will not put that duty on someone. They will probably put a higher duty on the driver of the car that came into the parking lot.

If the roads were icy, the insurance company will probably argue that it was the responsibility of the driver to come very slow. The will probably argue that the boss duty to put salt is not required by law. The one about going slow into an icy parking lot is.

You lose nothing by asking.


Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate the reply. I'm not a blame game kind of guy, but I didn't like the way he was mean to my wife, especially when it will get fixed w/o a penny coming out of his pocket!


Thank you.

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