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Will I have to reimburse?

by Cindy

My son's friend let him drive what turned out to be his mom's car one day after school around the block. My son has a permit but didn't have it with him, while my son's friend is a licensed driver.

Unfortunately my son lost control of the vehicle because he panicked when he and another driver were both taking off at a stop sign at the same time and trying to avoid cars my son crashed into an apartment building.

My son suffered was rushed to the hospital fortunately suffering only a broken wrist and fortunately no one else was injured. My son received 4 tickets and his friend's license was taken.

My question is if the owner's insurance covered the damages will they now come after my son for reimbursement?


Hello Cindy,

Most likely no.

Your son is a driver of that vehicle. The definition of "insured" includes anyone driving with permission. Your son had permission and thus he is probably an insured. Insurance companies cannot seek subrogation against their own insured (per the definition - see the policy).

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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