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Will My Auto Insurance Rates Go Up?

by Justin

I have a Florida Policy, and I fell asleep behinding the wheel very late at night.

My car veered off into a median with trees and scrubbry, which caused the damage.

I have full coverage on my vehicle and I want a rental car while the repairs are done. I want the repairs done covered and done correctly.

I hope my policy does not go up, will my auto insurance rates go up?


Hi Justin,

will your auto insurance rates go up?

The question is not if your rates will go up but how much?

Falling asleep behind the wheel will tip off the insurance company that you are a "higher" risk.

Depending on how much damage there is on the vehicle, we would call it "inattention" or something different than (falling asleep).

On person vehicle accidents will always show evidence of inattentiveness, so you will get ding one way or another, regardless if they give you a rental car or no, this is especially true in a no fault state like Florida.

Depending on how many claims you had and how much damage there is in your car, you can decide whether or not it will be worth the increase in your rates. You can always ask your agent. They can usually give you an exact number.

If the damage is substantial, do not worry too much about the increase (given that you have a decent driving history and have not file many claims), usually it is few dollars per month.

We hope this helps you clear some questions.

Good luck!

Casey & Hector

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Nov 21, 2007
by: Anonymous

Rates should not go up, but sometimes they do.

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