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Will my insurance go up if I file a claim?

My 3 year old son took a hammer to my car and put a lot of little dents all over it.

I don't want to turn in a claim if my insurance is going to go up or if this could be used against me later because I have a 15 year old daughter that is getting her learners permit in a month.

Will my insurance go up if I turn in a claim for damage done by my son using a hammer on my car?


Probably yes. Although insurance companies are supposed to cover you on situations like this one, they will raise their rates if they believe a claim can show that you are an elevated risk to insured.

If this shows that there is more risk or that your family will cost more to the insurance company, they will raise the rates. Here is an article we wrote about the subject:

It also depends on how much damage there might be and your claim history.

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