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Will my insurance rates increase after getting a citation?

by Lena

Few days ago, it was at midnight, just as I got to the traffic light, I found that I have gone to the wrong way; I should make a right turn instead of going straight.

Then I looked and made sure there was no car behind me so I backed up my car and attempted to change to the right lane. (And there's some construction work doing on the left lane) I carelessly hit the trailer on the left lane when I backed up my car.

Then a police came and gave me a ticket. The trailer was not damaged (only my car was damaged a bit). And the violation was "unlawful backing".

I wonder if my insurance rate will increase after getting the ticket.

If yes, is there any way to reduce the increase?


Hello Lena,

Sorry to hear this. The answer really depends on many variables. How good/bad is your driving record? Is this your first claim or you have a long history of claims?

The bottom line is that most insurance companies will use this to raise your rates. Unlawful backing shows that you are not as careful as a driving and that they might be insuring a person who will file claims later on. It is not very safe, but it happens often.

How much will they raise it? Again, it depends on the issues above. It might be minimal (50 cents) or it could be substantial. The best thing for your to do is to get a quote from several online brokers. We recommend this one but there are several others.

Get a quote so you know how much you are paying now (should be paying now). Most quotes will be honored for up to 6 months, so if your company raises your rates, you can show them where the rates would be lower and therefore the will have to reduce the rates or you will go elsewhere (they want your business).

We hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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