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Will Praetorian Insurance pay our medical expense?

by Leo
(Rochester, NY)

I am an international student from China. I arrived America at the beginning of this August and involved a hit and run accident in the end of August. It is my girlfriend's car and I was driving with a international driver license. Our car hit the other car, so maybe it's my fault.

Our car was registered in NY state and the accident happened in Missouri. The car has liability insurance from Praetorian Insurance.

I was hurt in the accident and taken to the hospital by the ambulance. My medical expense is around 13,000 dollar. My girlfriend was also hurted, but not as serious as I was. She refused the ambulance service but had some examination in hospital. She still do not receive her hospital bill.

Will Praetorian Insurance pay our medical expense?


Hello leo,

It depends on what limits and what the policy of the vehicle says.

You are likely at fault, so you would only have medical payments coverage (If there is medical payments and/or pip). You would owe your passenger for damages plus pain and suffering, please see please see:

Will they pay? Well, that's up to them. Look at the policy.

Good Luck,
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