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Will the other insurance company pay my medical bills?

by Jennifer
(Henderson, KY)

I live in the state of Kentucky and had an accident recently. I was found 10% at fault for the accident and my vehicle was totaled.

My insurance had lapsed unknowingly due to a payment situation so I did not have coverage the day of the accident.

Every time I speak to someone about my claim all I hear is...Well since you live in the state of Kentucky...

So my question is since I live in the state of Kentucky how do I get the at fault drivers insurance company to pay for my medical bills since I was injured in the accident and it was their customers fault?


Hello Jennifer,

Kentucky is a pure negligence state, which most likely means that they have to pay only the 90% of your injury. However, this may not apply to you due to your injuries and specific circumstances. Please contact a local lawyer. Here is a good start:

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Also, check the Kentucky statute here

Good Luck,
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