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Withdrawing an insurance claim

by Jerry

my car was stolen a month ago and found in another state. i was out of town at the time with my gf and her daughter.

We didn't find out until we were on our way back from the trip. because my car has a transponder key, the claim has gone into special investigations.

They want to interrogate my gf and my daughter and i would rather go without anything than involve them. im thinking of just withdrawing the claim. what would happen if i do this?


Hello Jerry,

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is also known as the fraud unit. The insurance company is raising an eyebrow to your claim. Perhaps because of the delay in reporting the claim.

Most insurance companies will let you withdraw a claim, however the "Claim" will still be in your record as "unresolved" and the shadow of fraud will follow it. They cannot say that you tried to commit fraud without proving it, however this will come into the underwriting as information and it will be taking into account later on. Sometimes it is best to let the insurance company find the truth so you are not dinged later on.

If you decide that it is simply best to withdraw the claim, try to talk to an attorney first. They can guide you a little more about the process.

After talking to an attorney, you can send a letter explaining that you are no longer pursuing your claim. To please no contact you about this claim any longer. Most insurance companies will not contact again, some will continue bugging you.

Good Luck,

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