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Would a rear end collision on ice diminish the damage to a vehicle?

by Jamila
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I was stopped at a red light during a black ice storm. I heard a horn blowing when I looked up at my rear view mirror all I saw was blackness coming up fast.

I don't know if the car did not have its lights on or if it was to close for me to see the head lights. I was struck from behind and launched forward.

I suffered back and neck pain for several months even now the pain comes and goes. THE ATTY I used took the case, then after almost a year he calls and say he cant take my case because the defendet insurance want to give me 400.00 because the was almost no damage to my vehicle. The amount they want to give me is not enough due to the pain and suffering if went through.

HOW can I show the damage to my car was not great due to my car not being planted on solid ground. I FEEL THE ICE ALLOWED ME TO BE PROPELLED INSTEAD OF ABSORBING THE FULL FORCE.


Hello Jamila,

We are not sure your theory works. If your car was pushed or hit, while standing on not solid ground, the push/hit would still cause damage to your car. The contact between the two vehicles would create damage to both.

In addition, if it is true that the "black ice" absorbed the impact, then neither your car or your body absorbed it, meaning that the likelihood of injury is much smaller than a "normal accident."

You need to contact your attorney and have them explain your options.

Good Luck,
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