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Wrecked rental car!

by Jen

I was added onto an enterprise rental (was my moms rental) as an additional driver because my car's transmission was busted. I was looking for a car and that's why I needed the rental. Well I backed into a pole at the gas station....I made a claim to State Farm and they claimed it under my moms insurance. Well they called me back and said no, we think it should be claimed under your insurance. And of course I only have liability on my insurance. They are sending my claim to be looked into and they said they'll call me tomorrow. I don't have an extra 1000 laying around in my bank account. HELP!

Ps: they let me drive under an expired drivers license too. I sent it in not knowing.

Answer to Wrecked rental car!

Well, sounds like you may be doubled insured (even if the liability coverage would not protect you, that policy could have coverage). If you were added and her insurance company says that it should be your insurance company, then if there is no coverage, it would bounce back to the rental how it was first taken out.

You are looking at secondary insurance or the additional insurance clause. Please see: Auto Insurance Claims

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