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Wrongful death claim for girlfriend?

by Alicia

My boyfriend died in a car accident due to someone giving him their car keys while he was intoxicated and he was killed. Do I have a wrongful death claim against the person who gave him use of their vehicle?

Answer to Wrongful death claim for girlfriend?

Hello Alicia,

I am very sorry to hear this. Also, I am sorry for the delay. Our system has gone crazy lately.

First, please accept my condolences.

It is unlikely that you have a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver. Unfortunately, that is a claim that is reserved to spouses, so it is unlikely that you would be entitled to any benefits under that.

HOWEVER, do look for an attorney. Depending on your circumstance, your relationship may qualify as a meretricious relationship or some other figure that could allow you to make the claim. Some factors need to be shown so depending on your circumstances, the claim could possibly be made.

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