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15 year old without a permit accident | Coverage?

My stepson was allowed at his mother’s house to get in a vehicle with his mother and drive. He did not have a permit at the time.

He accidentally had an accident in the driveway at their friend’s house and ran in to two other cars with the mother’s vehicle. It cost over 4,000.00 to get all the cars fixed. Now he has moved in with us and we just put insurance on him. They charged him somehow and put three points on his insurance, even though he had never had insurance.

When we called them they say the points follow the driver.

This is insane! He was underage, no permit, no license, no insurance, and an adult who let him get behind the wheel of her car.

I do not understand when an adult who was supposed to be supervising let a child get in this situation and now we are paying for all of their cars getting fixed and they are free of all charges because the child lives with us. Can this happen and what should we do?



I am sorry to hear about your situation. Yes it can happen. The “points” that you are talking about are “points of risk.” The insurance company uses this measure to assess how risky a particular driver is. If a driver has points, then the driver is more likely to get in a car accident (more risk to the insurance company, more premiums you should pay).

Who is responsible for these damages? The minor or the parents? Well, responsibility is different from insurability or risk? The minor is still a riskier driver because he crashed a car against stopped vehicles.

This will probably follow him for at least 3 years.

Who should pay for the damages? It depends on what the insurance policy of the person he was living with says. There might be coverage for him under that policy. Please see this page to learn more about coverage.

Good Luck

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