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16 year old driver | does it have to be listed

by loucinda

Do I have to list my 16 year old on my insurance policy? Would he be covered if he had an accident and was not specifically listed on our policy?

Also, can my 2 sons share a car and be listed as primary drivers on the same car?


Hello Loucinda,

I am sorry for the delay. Yeah, should have him listed on the policy? Will he be covered? It really depends on the exact policy language. They might require that he is listed AND he has a valid driver's license.

Most auto policies will cover him as long as he is a permissive driver, but some will require specific listing. Talk to your agent and see what your policy requires.

Primary drivers are usually important to calculate premium. Have the one that theoretically drives more be the primary, and have the other be the secondary. Two primaries can raise your premium quite a lot.

Good Luck,

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