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2010 camaro in a wreck

by Amparo

My husband and my daughter were in the car in they had an accident. They were taken to the ER and my daughter was more injured than my husband .

My question is that if the cars frame is all twisted and all the left side is damaged and the front tire pop and the rim broke in half and the bumper was also messed up.

We just went to see the car and it has a got of gaps like the frame bent or twisted it hit a cement wall and bounced back and forth the also flew in the air. Will they consider my car totaled or will they fix it ?

Answer to 2010 Camero in a wreck:

Well, it depends. If the cost to repair will be more than the fair market value of the car, then the will total the car.

The fact that the car had a twisted frame, by itself, is not a reason to total the car. I disagree with this, but insurance companies believe that they can fix anything. The only thing that will make the car be a total loss is if the cost of repair will exceed what you can sell the car for. Fixing that type of damage is not cheap, so it will add up quick.

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