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21st Century in California requires you know the name of a hit and run driver!

I have been with 21st Century (AIG) for over 10 years, without a major claim. My daughter knocked over a mailbox once with no damage to the car and no insurance pay out. Last week our car was hit while parked. When we returned to the car the front drivers side fender was smashed and the wheels knocked out of alignment. We called the insurance company after calling the police. The police filed a hit and run report.
21st Century denied the claim for uninsured motorist coverage, because in California accoding to the adjuster the state requires you to have the hit and run drivers name or license plate to have coverage. That is hard to do with a hit and run accident to a parked car. The car is 10 years old so we do not carry collision insurance. I am looking for another insurance company and one that covers hit and run in California.

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