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38 weeks pregnant and back injury from a car accident

by Louisa
(Brentwood, NY, US)

I was in a stop sign and a car hit me from behind i was 35 weeks pregnant, i was taken to a hospital by ambulance they just checked the baby’s heart and sent me home i told i had back pain and they just told me to take tylenol

I did but the Tylenol didn’t help so i had to deal with the pain it was hard for me to walk because i had weakness in both legs i had my baby and m still in pain its hard for me to nurse my baby i cant take pain killer because I’m nursing and i really don’t hold my baby much because I’m afraid to fall with the baby i just got my MRI done and i had something wrong with my lower back. I just want to know how much money would i get from pain and suffering? the accident happened in june 2010 i had my baby in august.


Hello Louisa,

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. You are strongly advise to talk to a lawyer and have them evaluate your claim. Please fill the form below for a free consult. You do want to know that insurance companies tend to be very aggressive regarding claims like yours. The will argue that the lower back pain is attributable to the pregnancy and not your accident. This is a strong claim and they have “experts” to show that lower back pain can happen in the normal course of pregnancy.

The issue for your is causation (showing that it was the accident and not pregnancy that created the pain/problems with your back). Please see:

Note: we don't believe this is correct or that the insurance company would be acting correctly, but it is something that they will likely argue.

With that, and it’s very hard to give you a number for settlement. Talk to an attorney or see this ebook.:

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Good Luck

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