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4 vehicle car crash

by Locky

I was in a car crash in TN 4 cars were involved. in the line up it was truck, car, me, 18 wheeler. I was hit by 18 wheeler who cause me to hit the car in front of me and so on.

Okay this was almost a year ago. Now I get information from my insurance who states I am 75% at fault for hitting the car in front of me. Please explain this to me.

I was told that a independent panel had evidence that I hit the car before the 18 wheeler hit me. I have asked for copies to see what the evidence is. So my insurance company paid $3400.00 for the car damages in front of me and $8400.00 in damages to my car plus medical.

Where does the 18 wheeler come to play in this? Does the 18 Wheeler just walk away with not having to pay for my damages to the back of my car and medical? I so need advise.



Hello Locky,

You are in a very hard spot. Your insurance company paid as they believe you are 75% at fault. That would mean that the 18 wheeler is less than 25% which can leave you with virtually no recovery.

As you already have done, you need to determine exactly what was the evidence against you. Then you can dispute fault. In this case, it is wise to talk to a lawyer. They can help you determine what TN does to overcome a bad insurance investigation.

Good Luck

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