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5 year old daughter hit by car

My daughter sister and I were crossing street to get to the other side. My daughter let go of my hand and ran after my sister who was half way across the street. A car then struck her(my daughter).

I believe it was a 25 mile zone and she said that’s what she was doing. I think she was going much faster than that. their was a dent left on the car and my daughter was left about 2 ft away from the car. the person who was driving was driving some one else’s car that was insured but she (the driver) was driving on a suspended license.

My daughter came out of the accident with only a fractured femur that did require surgery. Thank god for that, it could of been worse.

She had a cast and had to be placed in a wheel chair for about 4 months. Oh and in the police report their was two witness that stated the driver was NOT at fault that my daughter ran in the road. I don’t disagree with that but I do believe the driver had enough time to stop.

What is my 5 yr daughter's chances with a case like this?

Answer to 5 year old daughter hit by car:

Hello, sorry to hear about your situation.

well, it is a 25 miles per hour zone, so you may have a chance. You must talk to an attorney, they can evaluate your situation and see if you can file a lawsuit or some kind of claim for full recovery.

Many times, insurance companies will simply settle you out because, even though they believe their insured is not at fault, they know that a vehicle v. pedestrian (in this case a child) case does not look very good in front of a jury.

Talk to an attorney.

Good luck,

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