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A Company Vehicle hit a Parked Car | What Now?

by Donna
(McLean, VA, USA)

Help. I was driving a company vehicle and my boss told me I hit the bumper. I did not feel that I had but accepted that I may have and he told me to write a statement and then fired me.(The parked car bumper)

The company I worked for instructed me to drive the apartment jeep and I did in the parking lot only with my permit. The business had a copy of my permit when I started work. The supervisor told me to drive the jeep many times.

What should I do? The company has held my paycheck for 3 weeks and is threatening to take me to small claims for $1500.I do not have another job yet.

Does my parents insurance cover me? Help!

Answer to: A Company Vehicle hit a Parked Car | What now?

Wow, you need an attorney. They should not be holing your paycheck. Either there is insurance or not, but that has nothing to do with your employment. If the fired you, that’s one thing. But withholding your pay is another.

Again talk to an attorney.

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