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A raised F250 pick up truck backed up on me and damaged my front end towards the driver side on a red light

by Jay
(Orange County, CA)

I was on the way home when a very high lifted F250 truck in front of me on a stop light decided to back up for whatever reason and damaged my car almost ended up hurting me if i didn't honk at him i was so upset and my cell phone ran out of battery .

I couldn't call the cops to file a report the other driver gave me his policy number and name should I get a n attorney involved in the process i was just worried and realized that since there are no police report he might say that I rear ended him also the damages on my car are from an off road tires just by looking at it.


Hello Jay,

Wow, you do need to act very cautiously. With no witnesses, police report, and or any other evidence that this guy backed out, you will have an issue proving your damages. Consult with an attorney. Also, you may want to file a walk in report where you tell the cops what happened.

It's very important that you talk to a local lawyer.
It's very important that you talk to a local lawyer,

Good Luck,
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