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Accident on making illegal u turn | Am I at fault?

I made an illegal u-turn and the car behind me crashed into the rear driver side door. The road was 2 lanes on each side and no left turn lane. I slowed down and used some of the next lane to make my turn a bit wider to make the u-turn.

The driver behind me is claiming it’s my fault for making the illegal u-turn but I slowed down for the turn. He should have had time to react. I think both parties here are at fault but wondering what insurance will think.

Answer to Accident on making illegal u turn | Am I at fault?


Well, an illegal U turn is a huge violation of your duties as a driver. It is rather difficult to a driver behind you to assume that you will go against the normal flow of traffic. Although it is true that they have to still slow down. It will be very hard to convince an adjuster, jury, judge, or anyone else that you are not 100% at fault.

Of course, you can always make the argument. You lose nothing by trying.

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