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Accident question | I am going to be paid?

by Dakesha
(Louisville, Ky)

I was involved in an accident an it was clearly the other person's fault and she even admitted blame. However, I didn't have insurance coverage at the time. Does that mean that her insurance company doesn't have to cover the claim?


Insurance coverage is independent of fault/damages. Only one state, that we know off, will bar your recover (California).

If they cause your damages, they must pay for them, with insurance or without.

Good Luck

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Mar 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

As I was driving stop though the stop sign a car hit me at the time I was uninsured so what happens

Feb 09, 2012
Motorcycle hit from rear while sitting at stop light
by: Anonymous

Weather has been crazy this year, I have enjoyed riding my HD motorcycle all year.. Yet have we had snow and its February..

I was out riding the motorcycle in town one evening. I was sitting at a traffic light waiting for it to change when all of a sudden I am hit HARD from behind by a CELL PHONE DRIVER sending me into the car in front of me.

You see, I had noticed this car earlier in traffic a woman on a cell phone and her child in the back, well it was the car that got my attention and the fact that people talk so much while on their cell phones..

Turns out the person who hit me was a doctor and she said her hair dresser called her and she was only on the phone for a few minutes.. She also admitts she was in two similar accidents last year just wasn't a good year from her.. I hope the police taking the report wrote the ladies entire statement..

The insurance company now want to fix my bike and give nothing for pain and suffering, or loss of value..

I am not looking for the moon but feel I had ZERO fault in the accident and I am the one that is suffering the loss.. No way someone is going to want to purchase a reconditioned motorcycle and pay nearly what I have invested in it and my pain and suffering should be worth something...

Oct 17, 2011
Ohio no ins. No license left turned wreck
by: Anonymous

I was at an 5 way intersection. My light was red at first..the traffic heading in the opposite direction as me had the arrow. My light turned green. As I proceeded to pass through the intersection i hit the passenger rear wheel well of a vehicle.

My bumbep is cracked and their wheel was pushed inward. I have fines and it caused my license to be suspended and i don?t have any insurance. We both drove our cars to the police dept and made a report. Neither one of us got a ticket.

The car I was driving is not mine. Who will be at fault for the accident? Will i have any legal issues with the bmw as well as the other parties insurance co? Will the owner of the vehicle i was driving be penalized?

Oct 13, 2011
Do I still pay their insurance If I came to a full stop?
by: Anonymous

Do I still pay their insurance If I came to a full stop after my out of control driving was stabled? Here's my story I drove 50 mph and push the breaks behind a car that all of a sudden went slow. I knew I won't be able to prevent so to avoid the accident I dodged to the left and had an out of control car trying to drive straight and past three lanes to the right which turned my car parallel, thank goodness all other vehicle stopped. I made a full stop on the lane which I believe is called the right away lane that has a diamond shape marked on the road. I did not hit the wall that divided the highway or any other cars, but saw a car coming toward me and hit the front left side of my car. This is my first accident and not sure how insurance company works, but my main question is do I still pay the person's car if I came to a full stop along with all the other cars who came to a full stop when the car kept going where he wanted to go without paying full attention. I was told it wasn't my fault by others I didn't hit the car the other car hit mines because all others stopped but he didn't pay attention to the road as well. Reason asking is because I wonder if I can get my car repaired.

Oct 08, 2011
making left hand turn and it was yellow
by: Anonymous

I was hit by a car when making a left hand turn on a yellow and turning red. my car is a total lose and i have some injury. I have full coverage and the person that hit me didn't. I also hit another car awaiting at the red light when making my left hand turn. who is at fault and who will have to pay and the process i need to make

Sep 08, 2011
Hit from behind at red light
by: Anonymous

I was in my car waiting for the light to change.All of a sudden I get hit hard in the rear sending me about 20 feet across the traffic light.

Thank God there were no people crossing.The young girl claimed her GPS fell off the window.

And she lost control of the vehicle.I got the police report.

There insurance company looked at it, and never responded back.

I am still waiting to get my car back.

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