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Accident Settlement Question

by Sandra

My daughter was hit by a driver in NC (where she attends college) but the car is insured in GA.

Her car was totaled and initially the driver who hit her accepted liability, but is changing her mind now. The insurance company for my daughter is the same as for the person who hit her.

They want to only give us the value of the car (which is not much, but it was in excellent condition).

Is there a way to recover more than just the value, seeing that we are paying for car rental and have to buy another car (which won't be much with what they are offering)? And this was not her fault.


Hello Sandra,

You are owed the rental car and all expenses directly related to the accident (not for the expense to go buy another car). There are ways to make sure your settlement if fair and that you get the best possible value for your car. On that point, I recommend this eBook. It is cheap and the tips there can add a lot to your settlement:

There is also a bunch of information about total loss and how to deal with an accident settlement here:

I hope this helps

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