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Accident while backing up from the private drive way to the street by the other driver

by Vasavi

I was driving in my neighborhood and the Other person was backing up( Toyota Tundra,white) from his private drive way to the street. When I saw him coming back I stopped my car (Nissan Altima,Dark Grey) and by the time I was honked he came back and hit my car. Extension rod from his back of Truck damaged my front right corner bumper.

I took some pictures and called the cops.

According to Texas law Police doesn't took the accident report and we were given Blue forms. The driver was saying I hit him from the back.

Is it possible to determine whose fault it is was by looking at the accident scene and Damage of my car. His car is absolutely fine. My car ripped at the bumper. I claimed to his Insurance company they took the boy's( 18 yr old) word over me and closing the claim.

Please help me.


Answer to Accident while backing up from the private drive way to the street by the other driver

Hello Vasavi,

Well, where you driving by when this vehicle backed out?

Do you have insurance? If so, you should contact them because if they say they are not at fault, they think you are (even if no damages).

Contact your insurance and have them do an investigation. A vehicle backing out has a higher duty to look out. This is also true for a vehicle coming out of a driveway.

If this does not work, you can go to small claims or file a complaint with the department of insurance.

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Good Luck
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