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AIG/21st Centruy (combined due to bail out)

by Karen
(Orange, CA)

I was with 21st centruy for 10 years when I was involved in a major accident. I was in a 2003 and broadsided by a lifted King cab Chevy Silavarado truck going 45 mph as I made a left turn on a green arrow.

I experienced Horribley poor customer service, ripped off on rental car. It was revoked as soon as an offer was made on my totaled car. This is even before I accepted it or received a check! I should have had several more days I didn't even have time to purcahse a new vehicle.
My claim adjusters (there were 3) wouldn't return phone calls for 3-4 days and one was very rude and insulting. I had inuries and all they wanted was for me to close out my medical claim.

My 17 year old daughter also had an accident with her first car (her fault). The claim adjuster with 21st Centruy made the comment in a very sarcastic and cutting tone of voice: "Unfortunately the other party reported this accident before you need to call us immediately about this claim.'
My daughter had called the insurance company the morning after the accident because she was taken to the hospital to be checked out and got home very late. She had it reported in less than 24 hours. I called to talk to the supervisor and requested another claim adjuster. This is after 7 days and 3 phone calls asking to speak with my ajuster and/or the supervisor!!!T. She was rude, and sarcastic. Then she insulted me by saying that I needed to cooperate with this claim adjuster and the insurance company regarding this claim. I was cooperating, but it is difficult when you can't get in touch with the person you need to give the information to!!!

Avoid AIG and AVOID 21st centruy...Service went down Hill. Looking for ne insurance with decent and respectful customer service.

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