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Allstate - Bad customer experience

by Theresa Whitlow
(Greenville, Indiana)

Refusing to cover transmission repair that happened when I was caught in a flash flood with my Ford Expedition.

Claims adjuster stated that Expeditions are made to go through high water. The claims adjuster was rude and is doing everything to keep from paying the claim. We have faithfully kept up with our routine maintenance and our vehicle is in mint condition except for high miles.

The claims stated that transmissions have a life expectancy of 150,000. I have 145,000 so therefore if there is water damage the claim will be prorated. The transmission was fine until I got stuck in the flash flood!

We have only had one other claim in 25 years. That was when someone attempted to steal our vehicle. They gave me a rough time then also, repeatedly asking me if I had locked my door.

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