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Allstate - be aware!

by layla


Car Hits Twelve-Year Old Girl While Standing On Sidewalk

Our daughter was injured as a pedestrian in a serious car accident while standing on a sidewalk with a friend when an underinsured driver jumped the curb while making a left turn and hitting our daughter straight on, flying her up in the air where she landed on top of the car hood and was slammed to the ground as the car continued on driving down the road without any regard to our daughter’s well being. We learned from her doctors that she had sustained a brain injury resulting in cognitive impairment in addition to other physical injuries. Directly after the accident, she had to relearn simple math and forgot how to walk home from school as one of many examples. The accident occurred in 1997, and she has made substantial progress through great effort on her part and a relentless desire to get back what she had lost in the accident.
Allstate Denies Injury

Allstate contended that we had fabricated our daughter’s injury and we had convinced her that she had suffered a brain injury despite medical testimony to the contrary. Despite Allstate’s lowball offer of $15,000 to settle our daughter damage claim, the arbitrator awarded our daughter $1.4+ million dollars in damages for the injuries she sustained. Although Allstate represents that you are in “Good Hands,” they offered only $15,000 on a $1,400,000 injury under our Uninsured Motorist coverage. During the arbitration proceeding, Allstate was even able through their crafty lawyers to get their own expert to change his testimony whereby he had written a prior report that indicated that my daughter had suffered a closed-head injury and had suffered some degree of unconsciousness as a result of being hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian. Again, my daughter was hit by a vehicle, thrown on the vehicle’s hood, and was slammed to the ground as the driver drove off down the street without any regard to hitting my daughter. The Allstate expert changed his testimony during the arbitration hearing by indicating that my daughter did not suffer a loss of consciousness, which is often a material element in supporting a brain injury, since the force of a car hitting a pedestrian did not necessarily constitute sufficient force to render such an injury. These facts alone should speak volumes about what I consider Allstate’s deceptive insurance practices in denying claims to their own customers. This is precisely why Allstate has one of the lowest ratings of all insurance companies in the United States.
Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Although I was advised repeatedly that the Personal Umbrella Policy.................THE REST OF THE STORY BELOW, CLICK AND READ:


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