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Am I 100% to blame?

Someone parked in a blind spot behind my car parked in my driveway. I could not see his car when I got into the driver’s side door, due to the fact his front bumper was at about the middle of the rear of my car.

I had no idea a car was back there. It was dark outside with no street lights, and my driveway is very steep, so from my angle I could not see his car in the rearview mirror because it was low compared to my driveway.

Am I 100% to blame, or is he at blame as well for parking illegally, blocking my car in my driveway?

Thank you.



Why was he parked illegally? Don’t vehicles park in driveways?

The duty is on the vehicle backing. If there are no street lights and you have such an obstruction to your line of sight, then the driver must make sure that everything is clear before you go!

The vehicle backing really has a heavy duty here. Now, if you can argue that the other driver was parked illegally (as in, there was an actually violation of a code), then you could argue that they are also liable. Maybe a percentage.

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