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Am I liable for someones deductible if I wasnt ticketed?

by Tony8a
(Detroit, MI)

I was in an accident where I slid and hit another car who then bumped into the car in front of him. The guy in the first car has little to no damage, he said he would pop the under side of the bumper back in and make no claim. The guy front of me told me he wouldn’t make a claim, as long as I would pay to take care of the fact I bent the muffler to keep it safe because it was his mother in law's car.

He told the officer I slid decently far so did he, so it seemed like it was oily on the road. It had been raining that morning so I know that is normal but the officer did not ticket me.

He gave us each a case number. I also took note there were already three other cars directly behind us, I said that I wondered if some fluid was on the road from their accident or maybe just the wet conditions. But either way the report is not ready online yet and the one guy is trying to send me the estimate for his car repairs? In Michigan with it being a no fault state, I normally wouldn’t have to pay for anything unless he wanted to come after my insurance company for the deductible.

But he said he wouldnt make a claim and he just wanted the minimal work done on the car. I have to pay for my own repairs because its my parents car which I'm not a primary driver of the car nor do I live with them. So I'm paying to fix up my mistake. But am I liable for his deductible? Should I pay for his repairs? I feel like he is acting nice but if I also feel like he is trying to scare me or take advantage of me in a way that he wants me to pay so he doenst have to make a claim. What should I do? Will my insurance go up if my parents tell him to make a claim because I will be covered as a 'guest driver' someone who isnt listed a primary on the car, so the rates will not go up? I didnt see the report yet, but my options I feel like are to have him make a claim and tell my parents its not as big deal because I'm not a primary driver, OR do I have him make a claim because I don’t need to pay it because I was not ticketed?

What if he gets mad and tries to sue me?


Hello ,

Even in Michigan you do owe for property damage (not bodily injury). The fact you did not receive a ticket has nothing to do with whether or not you need to pay.

The insurance company is paying for everything except for the deductible. You will have to pay for that. See the reports first, but likely owe this.

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Comments for Am I liable for someones deductible if I wasnt ticketed?

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Nov 11, 2011
reply to answer
by: tony8a

Since I was borrowing someone else's vehicle and I was not ticketed the insurance company might treat that differently...I heard. I'm not sure but I had a friend who let his friend drive his car and his insurance company did not raise his rates because he let someone else drive the car, how will that play out? I also had a friend who was not ticketed so his insurance company didnt raise his rates, so they both play a role even if I might still be responsible because I was at fault. I'm not sure what the report says, but I think my parents told me to tell him to make a claim which I will because he has 1,000$ deductible. So even if he does pay it and makes a claim... it might not be as big of a deal.

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