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Am I liable?

My late husband had a car accident with my car he wasn’t licensed & at the time we weren’t married. later we got married & before he past a lawsuit was filed against him in 2001. am I liable?

We have 8 children & is currently renting pay $1100 + water and the whole kitchen sink, it would be cheaper to buy, but afraid if i purchase property they might take or put a lien on my property. my children & i really would sustain a financial crises. we only receive survivors benefits & ive been disabled most of my life. please help.



Hello Widow,

Well, it is unlikely that you would be liable as this was a an accident prior your marriage. However, it was your vehicle and this could raise liability in your state. You have to talk to an attorney before making any decision on this. Most injury and car accident lawyers will give you a free consultation.

We are sorry we are not more helpful.

Good Luck,

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